I have no business having a website or buying a domain… BUT……

It’s really been an education in something I previously did not know how to do. I want to gain experience and know things I did not know before, and if I can do it in solitude and quietly, I’m more than okay about that.

This site is meant to be a repository for (almost) everything that I do, record, write, film, whatever, for the handful of people who might be interested in it. I also need an RSS feed if I’m to upload to iTunes, and I have that through this, though I’m still learning, slowly.

Yeah, I paid a fair bit to have my own domain name, and have it free of the “.wordpress” moniker, but it felt important that this seem like my own space. And fuck you, I could (sorta) afford it and it’s my money.

That was hostile, I know. I apologize.

Having this also helps with PR; no publicist representing a prospective interviewee wants to follow three hundred disjointed links to see what mediocrity you’ve pumped out, when they can simply go to a website. And showing what you’ve done is not necessarily showing off when you’re trying to get a gig; it’s a resume like any other job, and they want to see you’re not some random creep suggesting they come to your house for a series of probing personal questions. I’m especially cognizant of that when I contact the artist directly.

But I digress…

Hopefully, as my career grows, so too does this, and there might be some stuff here that people enjoy and are interested in. That’s a big part of it. Read some stuff, look at some pictures, listen, watch, and have fun!

Thanks for your support (whoever you are). I know it’s still pretty bare-bones, but there will be more. I like looking over photos too, so if nothing else, those are interesting.

❤ Taylor

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