Some News

I apologize for the slough of posts (and there will be one more tomorrow)... But I'm seeing to the slight backlog of material I have to post to the site and I'm just one man, damnit! Anyway, I'd like to announce that I plan to make weekly updates beginning in October, the first of the…

35: Jim Norton Interview

In which I am the most audibly nervous I've ever been. One of the most prolific comedians today, and one of my personal heroes, Jim Norton, graciously took the time to talk with me over the phone on a crazy busy day in Seattle. We covered radio, his Chip Chipperson podcast, UFC Unfiltered, the political climate of the right and the left, and my weirdly-specific questions about a couple of his specials. I honestly can't thank him enough and I really thoroughly enjoyed the talk. Do it up! Sorry the levels are a little 'off,' I was using my SM7B for the first time. ..................did that really just happen?

An Interview with Grace Savage

A four-time UK champion beatboxer, Grace Savage recently released her debut EP “Savage Grace,” featuring her incredible vocals, electronics, and, well…. Beatboxing. Self-effacing and thoughtful, Grace makes time in her busy schedule to work with children with special needs and teaches them how to beatbox. I’ve said ‘beatbox’ entirely too many times. It was an…

34: Brian “Beav” Waddell Interview

Brian "Beav" Waddell, best known as the bassist of the Devin Townsend Project, took the time to sit and talk with me about music, their grueling tour schedule and our mutual love of bad jokes. I was pretty tired from two false fire alarms in my building last night and was not as prepared as I like to be, but when all is said and done, Beav was a great dude to talk to and I really enjoyed this. Do it up!

33: Dave Young Interview

Dave Young is best known for his work with Devin Townsend, as well as his own projects Auger and Regal. I invited Dave to be a guest on the show, and he graciously sat down with me to talk in his studio in North Vancouver. We talk about music (no shit), krav maga, the creative process, depression, gear and touring. It was fun talk. Do it up!