I apologize for the slough of posts (and there will be one more tomorrow)…

But I’m seeing to the slight backlog of material I have to post to the site and I’m just one man, damnit!

Anyway, I’d like to announce that I plan to make weekly updates beginning in October, the first of the regular updates being my upcoming interview with comedian, Kurt Metzger! I’ve been taking this interviewing course at BCIT (where apparently I’m hot shit or something; go figure) and it has really pushed me to crack down on this, as have other life things.

I’d like to be creating more regularly, so I’ve chosen Friday to be my upload day, since I rarely do fucking anything on Fridays. On the chance I am busy, you’ll get updates on the weekend. Fair?

Additionally, I will be going back on stage very soon. I only took about a month off, but it felt like a long time, and I will be doing that regularly, frequently. No more dicking around. I’m tired of my own inaction and complacency in this dark place I’ve been in for a long time.

Next year will bring big changes. But I have to change them.

There are a couple great shows I know of tomorrow in Vancouver; Notice Me! at King’s Cafe and The Dirty Betty Show, I believe at Cafe Deux Soleils. Check something out.

Bye-bye for now.

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