My extremely nuanced opinion on Louis CK’s sexual misconduct, recorded at night on Thursday the 9th. It’s not that nuanced, I just wanted to say “nuanced”.


Emily joins me about ten minutes in to talk about our feelings concerning CK’s misconduct, our reactions as fans, and what the future holds. I am depressed, saddened, disgusted, and embarrassed.

After we recorded, Louis released a statement. Below, you can find pertinent links, as well as several events wherein you can find events, products, specials, albums and art from female comics and artists.

A good timeline:

The New York Times article:

Louis CK responds:

Jen Kirkman’s Twitter is loaded with promotions:

Che Aimee Dorval at the Cobalt:

Ese, Randee, and Fatima Present the List:

Sophie Buddle recording an album:

The Dirty Betty Show!:

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