Mark Hughes is a friend of mine; a Vancouver-based comedian, founder and producer of the Comedy Shocker, ex-convict and a former drug addict. He’s been featured on CBC, Vice, and was the subject of a viral story about a little boy asking the then-Prime Minister for a gorilla. Last year, he came to my apartment to perform a dry run of his one-man show Tragedy +Time Served =Comedy, and an interview for this show.

Now, he also runs a really great podcast called Pulling the Trigger, which has just been featured on the Courier. Four episodes in, and he’s interviewed an escort, a convicted murderer, a prison guard and a fentanyl dealer. Mark is a great interviewer and comedian I was honoured to be asked to do some behind-the-scenes work. He says it’s the hard stuff cos he doesn’t know how easy it is.

Please check it out and some of his other stuff in the links below.
❤ Taylor

The Courier:



Mark’s Site:

A Gorilla Story:

Our Interview:

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