The EP from Dead Weight Citizens Brigade is live on Bandcamp, preceding the release of an LP in November.

Here’s a little blurb I wrote on it:

I’m not really a musician, I suppose, which will be very obvious. However, in learning more about gear, and playing with software and things, I found myself creating all kinds of interesting soundscapes and noises that I really love. I think noise music helps make sense of the noise in my head in a way, and there is no ego attached to this, other than wanting to do a good job, unlike comedy where there is my ‘identity’ at stake.
This will turn a lot of people off which is okay; it’s definitely not for everyone, or maybe anyone. It’s harsh in places, amateurish in most ways, but I think it’s cool and it sounds the way it ought to.

I’m happy that it’s done and proud to have done it. Included is a link to my Bandcamp page to download it for free (but you can pay if you want), as well as my Patreon. Below is the title track “Human Experimentation”, and I hope you enjoy it. It’s weird as fuck.

❤ Taylor

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