Well folks, the time has come to shut this site down. I have to renew the domain and plan, and unfortunately, WordPress’ price is just out of my range for an inactive podcast that has never generated any money.

But fear not! The Facebook page will remain active and all episodes will move to the original YouTube channel here. So subscribe if you’re still interested in old episodes, or in anything that may arise in the future. I’m still occasionally trying for interviews, but honestly, I feel that well has dried up. For the moment, I am focusing on stand-up, the sketch comedy side of Dead Weight Citizens Brigade, which you can check out here, as well as writing a TV series I’d like to make.

However, the purpose of this is not just to announce the site’s closure, but to promote updates of past interviews, as well as albums from Vancouver and Vancouver-adjacent comedians I’d like to see get more attention.

Additionally, though I’d been cryptic about it previously, I had plans to create a Witcher podcast, though I’m not sure it’s worth pursuing at the moment. But there have been significant developments and the first official images from the Netflix series, and I’m super stoked for it! If I do get it off the ground, that too would run on YouTube until such a time that it made sense to expand. I had hoped to have it on the go already, but it simply hasn’t panned out.

My time feeling like this was a real podcast was short-lived, but cool. I feel I accomplished something I never thought I’d be able to. I interviewed personal heroes, some of which even made a couple of their media pages and EPK’s which is insane to me, and did a lot of work I didn’t think I could. Thank you everyone for supporting and caring.

❤ Taylor


Devin Townsend – touring begins later this year with a new band for Empath, out now.
Simon King – Simon continues to tour all over the country and put out an album, One for the Money.
Ryan van Poederyooen – now in the mixing phase of the debut Imonolith album.
Mark Hughes – his podcast, Pulling the Trigger, remains controversial and insightful; now living and performing in the GTA.
Che Aimee Dorval – in the midst of several projects, keep your eyes peeled!
Kelly Carlin – focusing on life coaching and leadership for women, and the Comedy Museum in Jamestown, New York.
Mike St. Jean – globetrotting with lights and visuals for multiple bands.
Dave Young – no updates for a while. Keep your eyes open!
Brian Waddell – mixing Imonolith; go check out Sushi K!
Grace Savage – recently released Control Freak EP, and performing around the UK.
Jim Norton – can be heard on Jim & Sam on Sirius XM, and always touring.
Kurt Metzger – now based in LA, Kurt has finally released his podcast on GAS Digital.
JJ Caithcart – check out Scrape Records and their fantastic, growing roster!
Todd Barry – touring extensively and his Twitter feud with Colin Quinn is hilarious.
DJ Roy – gigging in and the GTA.
Arc Iris – last year, they released Icon of Ego, and continue to write and tour.
Kate Stables – Kate is currently on tour solo, as well as on-and-off with The National.
Noam Dworman – follow all Comedy Cellar updates here!


Simon King – see above
Sophie Buddle
Gavin Matts
Erica Sigurdson
Chris James
Efthimios Nasiopolous
Yumi Nagashima
Harris Anderson
Mayce Galoni
Kevin Banner
Jane Stanton

All right, that’s all I can think off the top of my head. Be good to each other.

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