Haunted Moments

Haunted MomentsDownload Hello, It's been a while since I've written anything here. I've been hard at work since filming The Mixtape, deep in the weeds of the edit. I'm excited for you to see it. A rough cut will be done in about two weeks, and then the final version done and available to stream…

Update #1 or: “Thanks, I Hate It”

I’m making this update public, so that maaaaybe I can drum up some interest for the show. If you want weekly updates emailed to you, every tier of contribution from “Nerd Stuff” (price: $50) and up, includes these weekly updates, and more. There’s some cool merch and perks like posters, shirts, a digital album of…

The Mixtape: Live at the Biltmore

Friday, November 19, 2021, at The Biltmore Cabaret, Dead Weight Productions is putting on a unique stand-up showcase that will be professionally filmed and edited into part concert film, part documentary. Therefore, I am running an Indiegogo campaign to help facilitate this project, and pay the comedians, crew, and all relevant expenses. If you have…

Mediocre Eclectica Released & More

Hello! Quiet over here, eh? Well, a while ago I released a mini-concert shot in my apartment, which I shot even longer ago. It's called Mediocre Eclectica and is sort of a larval form of what I imagine Dead Weight Citizens Brigade culminating into - a three-hour show of live music, improv, and comedy sketches.…

The Case of Oggrim Ygrosse

For many years, I've been writing different aspects of a massive, dark fantasy universe. Fantasy was my first love and continues to be a huge part of who I am. Across millenia, continents, and lives of hundreds of characters, big and small, piece-by-piece, I've been building this thing. Occasionally, I might post little bits of it. This is one of those bits; a short story concerning a very small, but (I think) interesting character. In the scope of these larger stories, Oggrim Ygrosse is a very small blip, but I always imagine scenes that form a sort of pre-history, or outside story. Probably to distract myself from writing the monolith I made. Anyway, I hope it's not a bummer to read this.

83 Interview with Steev Letts and Sean McDonnell

Hey everybody! This project is coming to a tentative close (and this time I mean it). So I hope you enjoy what will functionally be the last episode of The Taylor Moorey Show. Hear why in the intro. But more importantly, listen to two of Vancouver's best up-and-comers, Steev Letts and Sean McDonnell. They're both hilariously funny, talented comics, and good dudes, both with albums from Comedy Here Often and 604 Records. Check out BURGER QUEEN and ALL IN MY HEAD wherever you find albums.

The site will remain active for now, as other writing, sketch, and music projects will be posted here. All episodes of the podcast will go up on to YouTube soon.

81 Interview with Sam Tonning and Simon King

This episode was honestly a joy to record, so please enjoy this discussion with two comedy heavyweights, Sam Tonning and Simon King.

Simon has been a touring headliner for many years, known for his prolific output and confrontational style of comedy, mixing social commentary and silliness with lightning pace.

Sam is a staple in Vancouver, who manages the delicate balance of dirty material and squeaky-clean likeability. With a hand in a plethora of live shows, podcasts, radio shows, he's a favourite among audiences and comedians alike.

Together, they produce Wall to Wall Comedy, a monthly show at the Wallflower on Main St. in Vancouver. The show is a part of Just for Laughs Northwest this year, and they have an amazing group of very funny people lined up. I could tell you what we talked about, but it wouldn't do justice to just listening. Check it out!

80 Interview with Andrea Jin & Ola Dada

Better (slightly) late than never! Today's episode includes two of Vancouver's best young up-and-comers, Andrea Jin and Ola Dada. At just a few years in, they've already accomplished a lot, and have much more on the way. Andrea records her album at the end of the month at Little Mountain Gallery and Ola Dada's show Blackout Comedy is part of Just for Laughs Northwest series, Best of the West. They sat down with me to talk about their beginnings, trying to stay social while doing stand-up, what drives them, and more. Check it out!

79 Interview with Jake Spencer

The first episode back! Jake Spencer is a hilarious and talented Vancouver comic making a move to Bristol in early February. As he gets in his last shows here, he took the time to sit with me and talk shop, bombing, wrestling, theater school, growing up amongst hippies, and why green means go. He's a good friend, and a good dude. Check it out!

New Bubonics

I’m a fucking idiot, thought the Boy. A fucking idiot. The streets were quiet. No moon tonight, hidden behind clouds that threatened to expend their rains at any moment. The street lights were spotty at best, but they brought comfort all the same. “Tonk. Tonk. Tonk.” The sound of the crosswalk holding its breath before……

One More Thing!

Well folks, the time has come to shut this site down. I have to renew the domain and plan, and unfortunately, WordPress' price is just out of my range for an inactive podcast that has never generated any money. But fear not! The Facebook page will remain active and all episodes will move to the…

Dead Air

A few days ago, Dead Weight Citizens Brigade got its first airplay on CiTR 101.9 FM with Bepi Crespan! Bepi produces a weekly show that features ambient, drone, noise, and other challenging music, and thanks to my friend Tanner, my shit was on the radio! I even read a couple of station IDs! It's not…

76 Radio, Suicide, & Stand-Up

As I brave a hideous man-cold, I talk about some exciting news (Dead Weight Citizens Brigade is gonna be on the radio!), and podcast pitches. I also ruminate about suicide, irrational guilt, the tragic and upsetting loss of the great Brody Stevens, and the aftermath, as well as having moments of clarity and joy in stand-up comedy. Enjoy!

75 Interview with Kurt Metzger (2!)

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to once again interview one of my favourite comedians, the great Kurt Metzger.
We talked about writing gigs, Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who is America', the problems with social media and his past controversies, as well as Louis CK's return to stand-up and more.
Some good news: Since recording this intro, Just for Laughs and Sirius XM have reversed their decision and channel 168 will remain 100% Canadian.

74 A Filthy Casual’s Guide to the State of Video Games

One of the few episodes I've re-recorded, I look at the what I believe to be the state of the video game industry through the lens of what I've played recently: Kingdom Hearts 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Soul Calibur 6, Hitman 2, and The Witcher 3. I also provide a brief history of my own gaming experiences, and what influence they've provided in terms of story-telling.

Also, thanks to Call Me Kevin, RT Games, Witcher George, and Brian David Gilbert at Polygon for the inspiration.

73 Liam Neeson’s Knee’s on His Niece’s Son’s Nissan, Son

In another late podcast, I found myself in mired in an emotional fog of frustration from a very weird week. On top of that, the article of Liam Neeson came out and the ramifications and debate surrounding his actions nearly forty years ago kicked me into such irritation that I felt it worth talking about. Still dealing with the bullshit I talked about on the last episode, i.e. the challenges of being a mediocre creative, is mostly why this episode is so late, so I will have this and two others within a couple days. I think Neeson's story is a teachable moment and something real and human that's been twisted. My usual problems with internet journalism and social media immediacy come up again, and I tell a story from just five-and-a-half years ago in my own life. Enjoy.

Also, I just learned in posting articles for this, that Liam's nephew died just weeks ago. My condolences.

Witcher 3 Bits ‘n Pieces

https://youtu.be/h0aNajfR1ps I promise, this is the last of my dumbass Witcher edits. I've written out a few sketches that up to now have just been in my head, and this year, there'll be lots of stuff with actual, live, non-kidnapped people friends! Subscribe on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-taylor-moorey-show/id1304170888?mt=2 Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/thetaymooshow/ Like Dead Weight Citizens Brigade…

71 Complaining About Complaining: Spider-Man, Gillette, and Louis CK

Are you tired of the constant internet outrage machine?
Same here. So join me in complaining from my haughty, yet feckless perch in this little corner of internet hell. I've been playing Spider-Man on PS4, and stupidly searched out weird, negative reactions to it. People are also losing their fucking minds over a commercial, and I'm weary of everyone going nuts over... everything.

68 Hitman 2… Stream?

I decided to futz around in Hitman 2 and record (and edit, for your sake) the experience with commentary and rambling. Here, I'm playing the Holiday Hoarders bonus mission and the first mission of Hitman 2's main campaign. Seemed like a neat, silly little thing to do, so I hope you enjoy it.

This video and podcast are not sponsored, as somebody would have to listen and precisely zero people give a shit.

67 Jordan Peterson, Hannah Gadsby, and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Better late than never!
In which I address Neil deGrasse Tyson's accusations of sexual misconduct and the severity of some #MeToo claims, as well as my opinion on Jordan Peterson and Hannah Gadsby.
Thanks to anybody who's cared enough to listen to any stand-up, podcasting, and music this year. I can guarantee there will be lots more next year! Happy new year and other stuff!

66 Interview with Noam Dworman, Owner of the Comedy Cellar

Once again I nab an individual waaaayyy out of my podcasting league and interview Noam Dworman, owner of the legendary Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, New York City. The iconic club is one of the most famous in the world and is seen in the opening credits of 'Louie'. The club and specifically Noam, have been in the news of late because Louis CK has returned to perform there a number of times. We connected over a recent heckler incident of one of CK's sets and talked about the media, Louie's misconduct, and the club's origins. Enjoy!

Knowbody is Out Now!

Two-plus years of planning, hoping, experimenting, stressing, and working culminate in this collection of half-covers, half-originals: Knowbody. I made an album. It's out today! It's music. Mostly ....avant-garde? Experimental? Whatever. It's certainly not for everyone; an acquired taste, for sure. It may be underwhelming for any real musicians or music fans, but goddamnit, I did…

61 Reviewing Real Estate Videos 02!

Hey the file was small enough to work! Emily and I recorded the second half of her playlist of real estate ads and we made jokes about them. Near the beginning, I say I fixed the sound, but when exporting the file from the screen recorder (which is still a little choppy) I forgot to export the sound with it, and edited the file before realizing that I did that. Soooo fuck it. Here ya go!

58 Racist Cartoons and Incomplete Journalism, DWCB Sneak Peek!

Better late than never?
Here, I chat about the recent controversy surrounding the cartoon of Serena Williams, and comparisons to the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Also, I bring up the reporting around Louis CK's first set back since he admitted to sexual misconduct, and build on my dislike of inaccurate and misleading reporting from last episode.
Plus, at the end of the episode, check out a preliminary mix from the upcoming Dead Weight Citizens Brigade album!

57 Witcher Netflix Casting, Journalism, Measles and Music

I pledge to you good people that the podcast will go back to being updated regularly, even though I am in the mixing and re-recording stage of the Dead Weight Citizens Brigade Album.

In this episode, I yap about my recent goings-ons, measles in Vancouver, and the Witcher Netflix series casting controversy, with some critiques on modern journalism. Please enjoy!

BAME Ciri mega-thread...

The case against...

Sensationalist and inaccurate reporting...

In my opinion, an unnecessary petition to Lauren Hissrich...

Listen to the Dead Weight Citizens Brigade EP!

My Patreon!

56 Interview with Kate Stables

I had the opportunity to interview Kate Stables, the multi-instrumentalist core of This is the Kit, after the band's soundcheck at the Fox Cabaret. We talk about jokes, Kate's writing process, the state of the world and our perception of it, and the issues of a small, indie band. Truly a lovely and thoughtful individual and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Enjoy.

I Made a Patreon!

I made a Patreon page, you guys! So if you want to give me money, which nobody is obligated to do in any way, you can. I'll not push it much at all because it feels really gross for me, but when I release the Dead Weight EP next month, and the full album in…

54 Interview with Arc Iris (Zachary Tenorio Miller & Ray Belli)

I chat with Arc Iris members Zach Tenorio Miller and Ray Belli about comedy, their careers, the writing process, the state of the industry, as well as a whole bunch of other shit. We recorded outside the Central Saloon in Seattle before their show. It was really fun interview and thank you to the band. Arc Iris is an experimental dream pop band out of Providence, Rhode Island, founded by ex-The Low Anthem frontwoman, Jocie Adams. Zach plays keys and Ray drums, and they recently toured with New Zealand powerhouse, Kimbra.

52 David James “DJ” Roy

Vancouver/ Toronto comedian, David James "DJ" Roy and I sat down to talk about his life of homelessness, comedy, being on the periphery of "the scene", the Vancouver housing crisis, his porn career, and a plethora of other things.
Heads up: The audio quality is super sub-par; not sure what happened, but my apologies. It was a fun talk. I hope you can understand it.
Check out DJ: https://www.opencomedy.com/davidjamesroy

Shameless Self-Promotion

If you follow this site at all, I implore you! Check out the Facebook page, subscribe on iTunes, subscribe on YouTube (which is about 15 episodes behind, but...), give it a like, leave a comment on iTunes, give it five stars if you like it. We've got interviews with comedians like Jim Norton, Kurt Metzger,…

Sea Hags

I was on a great podcast! My friend Katie Nordgren runs the Sea Hags podcast with her friend Chris Rzepa and they invited me to be a guest. It was a lot of fun and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be silly with a couple of really cool people. I am on Episode…

Page Massively Updated!

Hey, look at that! All past YouTube episodes (that I consider 'true' episodes) have been posted to the page, and should now be in iTunes as soon as the feed refreshes. As for my YouTube channel itself, it will eventually be updated, but unfortunately, adding the videos is way more time-consuming than adding audio for…

24 Interview with Mike St. Jean

I sat down with the unfairly-talented multi-instrumentalist, "Two Turntables and A" Mike St. Jean to talk about the value and re-purposing of art, music, meditation and more. Oh, and taquitos, of course. He's a very heady and cool dude and I hope you enjoy it. I apologize for being a bit more wooden than usual; I was very tired. And still am. Do it up!

20 Interview with Ché Aimee Dorval

I'm a lucky little fanboy and interviewed the wickedly talented Che Aimee (AH-mee) Dorval. She's had a 10+ year career as a solo guitarist and singer, having released Underachiever in 2008 and Volume 1 in 2015, and is known for her collaborations with Devin Townsend on 2009's Ki and 2014's Casualties of Cool.

She's got a killer voice, a great personality, a sharp sense of humour and is a lovely human being. We met at a small restaurant to talk music, life, comedy, performing and a lot more. We also eat. I talk about myself too much. We're definitely BFFF's now.

17 Interview with Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes is a Vancouver-based comic. In preparation for his Fringe Festival show, "Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy" he's been doing dry runs all over the Lower Mainland. In it, he documents his childhood and upbringing, time in-and-out of various correctional institutions, drug addiction, homelessness and eventual decision to live a clean life. I had the privilege of seeing it twice, and it's unique, raw and human, and seeing Mark perform stand-up numerous times, he's got a rare talent for turning personal pain into (near) universal comedy. We sat down for an interview after he performed the show in my living room for myself and some friends.

44 Interview with JJ Caithcart

I met JJ Caithcart at his store, SCRAPE Records, October 7, 2010.

Fresh out of high school, I became addicted to music, heavy metal in particular, and learning more and more, and JJ fed that addiction with aplomb. Over the next six years, I spent countless hours there, hanging out, talking, learning, listening, and was privileged enough to help with in-store meet-and-greets with bands like Gojira, and Devin Townsend.

We talk the fate of the store, the record industry in general, and his partnership with Vancouver metal band, Zimmer's Hole.

Below, you can find links to a Zimmer's Hole pre-order on Indiegogo, as well as other Scrape Records media. Check it out!

Relaunch: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/scrape-records-launching-scrape-the-record-label#/

SCRAPE Records site: http://scraperecords.com/

SCRAPE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SCRAPErecords/?ref=br_rs

Zimmer's Hole's Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/zimmersholeofficial/?ref=br_rs

Pulling the Trigger 

Mark Hughes is a friend of mine; a Vancouver-based comedian, founder and producer of the Comedy Shocker, ex-convict and a former drug addict. He's been featured on CBC, Vice, and was the subject of a viral story about a little boy asking the then-Prime Minister for a gorilla. Last year, he came to my apartment…

43: Interview with Ché Aimee Dorval (2!)

The wonderful musician, Ché Aimee Dorval returns to the show for an hour-long interview.

Since our last talk, Ché has been busy at work on her new album "Between the Walls and the Window," due out December 8th and it definitely shows in the singles that you can hear.

We talk about music, the process of making this new record, her most recent foray into veganism, and social issues like the "Me too" campaign, sexual abuse, racism, and much, much more. I enjoyed the talk a lot, and am happy to say we have become friends in the last year. I hope you enjoy it too. Do it up!

PledgeMusic: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/cheaimeedorval

Show at the Cobalt: https://www.facebook.com/events/1505453352868585/

Ché's site: http://www.cheaimeedorval.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheaimeedorval

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CheAimee

42: Louis CK

  My extremely nuanced opinion on Louis CK's sexual misconduct, recorded at night on Thursday the 9th. It's not that nuanced, I just wanted to say "nuanced". Nuance. Emily joins me about ten minutes in to talk about our feelings concerning CK's misconduct, our reactions as fans, and what the future holds. I am depressed,…

An Interview with Kelly Carlin

In her own words, “ Kelly Carlin is a thinker, writer, talker and doodler. She’s funny, serious, silly and deep. Sometimes she wishes she were Carol Burnett, other days it’s Patti Smith, but mostly it’s Oprah Winfrey. It’s complicated.” She is also a performer and story-teller based in LA, and as you might have guessed,…

“Only Half There” Review

If you know me, and certainly if we’ve discussed music, you’ve suffered through me blithering about my favourite artist. If you follow this podcast, you’ve heard my fumbling attempts at sounding insightful. And if you are the man himself, you’ve offered me more time and thought than I deserve. Yes of course, I am talking…

37: Kurt Metzger Interview

Best known for his various writing credits like Inside Amy Schumer and the Jim Norton Show, transgressive stand-up comic Kurt Metzger very generously took the time to sit down with me for a talk. We chatted about morals in comedy, his career, drugs, religion, the controversy he's dealt with and mental illness. He's a great dude, an original mind, and tall as shit. Do it up!

Some News

I apologize for the slough of posts (and there will be one more tomorrow)... But I'm seeing to the slight backlog of material I have to post to the site and I'm just one man, damnit! Anyway, I'd like to announce that I plan to make weekly updates beginning in October, the first of the…

35: Jim Norton Interview

In which I am the most audibly nervous I've ever been. One of the most prolific comedians today, and one of my personal heroes, Jim Norton, graciously took the time to talk with me over the phone on a crazy busy day in Seattle. We covered radio, his Chip Chipperson podcast, UFC Unfiltered, the political climate of the right and the left, and my weirdly-specific questions about a couple of his specials. I honestly can't thank him enough and I really thoroughly enjoyed the talk. Do it up! Sorry the levels are a little 'off,' I was using my SM7B for the first time.
..................did that really just happen?

An Interview with Grace Savage

A four-time UK champion beatboxer, Grace Savage recently released her debut EP “Savage Grace,” featuring her incredible vocals, electronics, and, well…. Beatboxing. Self-effacing and thoughtful, Grace makes time in her busy schedule to work with children with special needs and teaches them how to beatbox. I’ve said ‘beatbox’ entirely too many times. It was an…

34: Brian “Beav” Waddell Interview

Brian "Beav" Waddell, best known as the bassist of the Devin Townsend Project, took the time to sit and talk with me about music, their grueling tour schedule and our mutual love of bad jokes. I was pretty tired from two false fire alarms in my building last night and was not as prepared as I like to be, but when all is said and done, Beav was a great dude to talk to and I really enjoyed this. Do it up!

33: Dave Young Interview

Dave Young is best known for his work with Devin Townsend, as well as his own projects Auger and Regal. I invited Dave to be a guest on the show, and he graciously sat down with me to talk in his studio in North Vancouver. We talk about music (no shit), krav maga, the creative process, depression, gear and touring. It was fun talk. Do it up!

Needless Justification for a Site

I have no business having a website or buying a domain... BUT...... It's really been an education in something I previously did not know how to do. I want to gain experience and know things I did not know before, and if I can do it in solitude and quietly, I'm more than okay about…

First Post! First Post! First Post!

Wow, this is quite the, uh... thing. I almost feel fraudulent having a website, but this is the route to having an RSS feed... which I can't afford right now. But hey! Here's a repository for everything. I'll be filling this thing out more and more in the next few days. I have a couple…