Taylor Moorey is a stand-up comedian, writer, musician, and filmmaker. He swears to god, he is all those things.

He was born and raised in the Vancouver area, where he lives with his wife, dog, and PlayStation 5. Seeing George Carlin’s special “You Are All Diseased” as a teenager was a revelation and seeing Mr. Conductor spit out venomous social criticism and silly restaurant names set Taylor on the path he is on now: “I want to do THAT.”

Taylor has been performing comedy since 2016 and more recently, founded the sketch comedy / avant-garde music hybrid, Dead Weight Citizens Brigade. On his podcast, he interviewed internationally performing comedians and musicians. In 2021, he directed and performed in a live comedy concert film and documentary called The Mixtape (2022). He is also fully aware of the Netflix movie of the same name that came out a month later and filmed in the same location. Please stop bringing it up.

After several years of burning out on normal jobs, Taylor began Vancouver Film School’s year-long writing intensive, to learn how to manage student debt. When not writing, Taylor is at home, playing video games, listening to music, creating oddball visual art, and writing in the third person at gunpoint.

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