WRITING – A book, scripts, critiques, essays, short stories…

A young girl and her faithful dog learn difficult truths about bullying, life, and death, through the lens of astronomy.
Two brothers refuse to navigate the difficulties of family trauma after the death of their mother, but their mother’s house has other plans.
When a commitment-phobe dies, he lands in Hell, unable to make a simple apology to save his own life. With his new friends, he navigates this strange new world and tries to find a way to return to Earth.

STAND-UP COMEDY – Taylor has been performing stand-up since 2016…

I directed and performed in a one-off concert film and documentary entitled The Mixtape (2022), focusing on a diverse cross-section of Vancouver comedians

FILMMAKING – Taylor has been making sketches, short films, and features since 2018…

The Mixtape was a semi-finalist in the Vancouver Film Awards, Palm Springs International Film Awards, and Washington Film Awards in 2022.
A far-too-long video about The Witcher Netflix series.
Co-producer, production- and post-production sound mixer, composer, sound designer.
Compilation of tiny sketches.
Skyrim humour is still topical, right?

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