Dead Air

A few days ago, Dead Weight Citizens Brigade got its first airplay on CiTR 101.9 FM with Bepi Crespan!

Bepi produces a weekly show that features ambient, drone, noise, and other challenging music, and thanks to my friend Tanner, my shit was on the radio! I even read a couple of station IDs!

It’s not a big deal to most, but I am over the moon and trying to just live in that feeling. Three tracks from Knowbody and Afterthought were played; Kenelm, Extreme Sudoku, and Blizzard, and you can check out the episode below:

And you can download music here:

Thank you to Tanner for the connection, Bepi for being cool, Kamaira for appearing in Kenelm, and Josh for wisdom, work, and guidance.

More Dead Weight sketches coming your way soon, and music is on the brain.

❤ Taylor

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