Hey everybody, I’ve wrangled my first of what I hope will be many guest writers for this site. So, please enjoy this fun article from Beverley Østerlund. Cheers!

A break-up is one of the toughest experiences anyone can go through, and if you’re like most people, you’ll do it multiple times in your life. Whether you’re the one cutting the chord, or the one being sent adrift, the ending of a romantic relationship tears at a basic element of who we are, who he/she/they are, and who we THOUGHT we are. Music has a powerful ability to connect us to each other, and with our own fundamental humanity, and therefore, it’s a no-brainer that, like even the most mundane of human experiences might be documented in song, we encounter the profundity of the heart-rending, post-break-up song. Whether you want to engage in your despair or triumphantly shout “I’m over you!” then this list of 20 essential break-up songs is for you.

Someone Like You – Adele
A modern classic. So few artists, past or present, capture the raw emotion of loss like Adele. Grab the tissues, get some friends, watch a bad movie, and have a group cry!

Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill
We’ve all been in a relationship for longer than we know we should, and this is the perfect representation of that. With lines like “I keep letting you back in (you back in) / How can I explain myself? (I don’t understand why) / As painful as this thing has been / I just can’t be with no one else” it gets right to the root of your heartache.

Thank u, next – Ariana Grande
The perfect song for moving on and learning to love yourself in the absence of a significant other, Ariana teaches us about moving on and learning to love yourself in the absence of a significant other.

Always on My Mind – Willie Nelson
Originally by the Pet Shop Boys, in the hands of Willie Nelson, a true master, this song embodies regret and longing in its purest form. We all have regrets. Things we want to say – we wish we could have said. Apologies. I’m sorry, Kira.

You Were Meant for Me – Jewel
Ugh, this just tears at you, doesn’t it? The comfort of routine against the backdrop of the knowledge nothing will be the same as it was just a week ago. Hang on…

You Were Meant for Me – Jewel

You Were Meant for Me – Jewel
How fucking could you?

River – Joni Mitchell
A river I could skate away on? I want several thousand miles of dirt to take a train to Cape Canaveral, get in a shuttle, blast off, and float around for two years and weep.

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
Just go my own way right to the fucking Oort Cloud.

You Were Meant for Me – Jewel
Just wanted to… to go back to this. For a sec.

Pink Cigarette – Mr. Bungle
Going a little obscure for this one, but Taylor threatened to kidnap my cat if I didn’t include some Mike Patton. A perfectly dreamy and wistful song about the memories of a lost love that says: “Please don’t hurt Mittens!”

I Miss You – Blink 182
Just a little stand-up bass and sullen vocals from Mark Hoppus make this a haunting and unforgettable experience to contemplate in my fucking spaceship.

Mr. Brightside – The Killers
My stomach is sick from all the G-forces on my body… or the lack thereof. You know they call a parabolic flight a “vomit comet”? There’s no shame in it.

Skinny Love – Bon Iver
While recovering from mono after a break-up, Justin Vernon isolates himself in a cabin and created this unforgettable, gut-wrenching album. You can hear how alone he is – or how alone I am, here, in space.

Meat Hook Sodomy – Cannibal Corpse
“Butchery my meat hooks sharpened to penetrate / Emasculate, gouging crotches I will eat” – for when you run out of ice cream!

Galgaldr – Heilung
The warning signs were all there; delayed texts, forced smiles, a wind age, a wolf age, a time of great whoredom and brother killing brother. Amidst fire and the blood of the gods and giants, it’s time to move on, girl!

Hate Me – Blue October
I no longer know what month it is. Time is a human construct with no consequence up here. Earth is but a pale blue dot. Tell Kira she can have my ziti recipe; I’ve no need for it here.

Music for a Revolution – Takehisa Kosugi
Scoop out some Ben & Jerry’s five seconds from now and do the same five seconds later!

That Funny Feeling – Phoebe Bridgers
Not a break-up song, per-se, but one of ennui; confronted with an unescapable, boring doom. A tsunami of “meh” to numb yourself.

When the Party’s Over – Billie Eilish
I like the splotchy, inky effect in the video. I feel like I am surrounded by it.

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